Sign up process

How does the sign-up process work?
An employee affiliated with your school contacts us through this website and we respond within 1 business day with a form asking a few questions particular to your location.  We offer different options to make it easier to sign-up 1 school or 100 so tell us a little about your area when contacting us.

What does it mean to sign-up?
There is a back-end process to SafeOregon specific for your school allowing us to share tips. Signing up gives your school access to this area. It’s a dashboard  that also includes training, marketing and best practice information. You’ll find checklists and information to fully prepare your school to use SafeOregon here.  After you complete the form we respond with your log-in information. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive. Within two weeks you’ll receive a packet in the mail with posters, SafeOregon cards and a welcome letter. All of these can be immediately accessed through the dashboard to print on your own if you prefer.

“After signing up we received access to the training materials. They were quick, easy to access and understand with good tips about how to market the program in our school.” School Administrator via survey

What do I need to complete the sign-up process?
Approximate number of students at your school. Contact information for a primary and secondary contact as explained in the school resource area on this website. Contact information for a district contact. Information on the 9-1-1 center that serves your school area. We’ll help you with the 9-1-1 information if necessary. The sign-up form also shares more details on why these items are requested.

What if our school is not ready to sign-up and just needs more information?
No problem. Please take a look around the website and review the resource tab. If you still need more, complete the contact form below and tell us what you need. We’ll get back to you with the information. We expect to continue to update our webpage and your questions will help us improve the information going forward.

“The training materials are clear and instructions informative.” School contact via survey

What if our school is ready to sign-up but not ready to share to students yet?
This is common. Please take the time you need to review the training, marketing and best practice toolkits and share with students on a date that is right for your school. Signing up is the first step and we know you need time to prepare and share with your teachers, students, and parents.

If you are ready to sign-up a single school please complete the enrollment form online at http://bit.ly/2kObF4N.

If you would like to sign-up multiple schools please download the multi-school enrollment form here: http://bit.ly/2r2ADza. After completing the enrollment form, please send it back as an email attachment to support@safeoregon.com.

If you are not ready to sign-up but would like more information please contact us at 971-301-4403 or fill out the form below.  If you want to report a tip please click here for the form or call the Tip Line at 844-472-3367. DO NOT SUBMIT TIPS USING THIS FORM.