• Privacy Policy

    SafeOregon is a statewide tip line for students and other members of the public to anonymously and confidentially report information concerning threats or potential threats to student safety.

    SafeOregon limits requested personal information to only that which is necessary. Confidential information such as phone number, email address, gender, date of birth and age may be collected. By providing contact information, you expressly give SafeOregon, its Tip Line Technicians, and Tip Line Responders permission to send follow-up messages to your phone, mobile device or computer. Tip Line Responders are defined as law enforcement, service providers or appropriate education provider contacts.

  • Your Consent and Changes in Privacy Policy

    By using SafeOregon, you agree to the practices outlined in this privacy policy. Use of SafeOregon constitutes your acceptance of the privacy policy and terms.  Privacy policy changes are expected from time to time, any changes to this privacy policy will be effective as they are added to the SafeOregon website.

  • Collection and Use of Confidential Information

    When making a tip through SafeOregon, Tip Line Technicians may ask you to voluntarily provide confidential information – defined as information that uniquely identifies you such as your name, phone number or address.  Tip Line Technicians will ask this information to better serve you and better respond to the tip you make.  The substance of a tip may be shared as necessary with Tip Line Responders to carry out follow up to your tip.  SafeOregon may release non-confidential, aggregated or summary tip information for reporting purposes.

    SafeOregon will not sell information to 3rd parties.

    We may collect and store device-specific information (such as unique device identifiers) in order to facilitate contacting and responding to situations of immediate harm to health, life, and safety.

    In the case of immediate danger or risk to safety, Tip Line Technicians may connect you to 9-1-1 or another emergency service provider who may require additional information to respond. Confidential information may be used by schools, law enforcement and Tip Line Responders to quickly handle issues of health, life and safety.

    Confidential information may be used to allow Tip Line Responders to follow up with you and to check on whether the issue has been resolved and to inquire on your health and safety.

    We may also use confidential Information for internal purposes such as auditing, reporting, data analysis, and research to improve the program.

  • Referrals to Other Programs

    SafeOregon may refer tips to another hotline or social services program. We will refer you to their services and connect you with their assistance. We will give you information on how to connect to them, but not release your confidential information to them. 

  • Protecting Your Information

    SafeOregon shall take all reasonable precautions to protect confidential information from loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and loss.  SafeOregon will take all reasonable precautions, implementing procedural, administrative, physical security and technical means to defend confidential information.

  • Statewide Tip Line Established in 2016

    The Oregon School Safety Tip Line became Law through HB4075(2016), as a result of recommendations from the  Oregon Task Force on School Safety. This legislation directed Oregon State Police to provide a statewide tip line to accept confidential or anonymous reports concerning student safety through a phone call, text message, mobile application or the internet by students and other members of the public. For more information on the Oregon Task Force on School Safety, please visit (

  • Improper Use

    It is a violation of Oregon Law 165.570 to use SafeOregon improperly or to let someone use equipment owned, rented or leased for a purpose other than to report a situation that the person reasonably believes requires prompt service in order to preserve human life or property.

  • Contact Us

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